Macro Flower Saturday 35-Anthurium lily

Welcome to a new round of Macro Flower Saturday!
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

This year, we have a beautiful, long autumn (so far), with bright sunny days and no rain.
At this time of the year, almost all our flowers are gone, except a few stubborn wildflower, which don't mind the light frost during nights.

A part of the world never sees winter and continues blooming all year round, so I hope we will see many interesting flowers from these countries, while ours rest.

However, winter will not stop us from taking flower photos; I'm sure, you have many, gorgeous potted flowers.
My photo reserves for winter are mainly house plants and cut flowers.

For starters, I share this bright red Anthurium lily, also called the Flamingo flower.
It is a common flower, for most of you, thought is has a very interesting structure.
The waxy, heart shaped petals of the Anthurium make the impression of an artificial flower.

Red AnthuriumThey come in many colors, from pure white, all shades of pink and reds, orange and even green.
I share with you just the red one today but I'll post Anthuriums of other colors too, in future post.
Anthurium-macro photography

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Ruth said...

I always love anthurium lily! Love the heart shape. This one is so shiny red! Beautiful!

Thanks again for hosting MFS.

Lui said...

Yes, we have that a lot in my country but not in my house. Maybe I should have one planted because it is really beautiful! I prefer the white ones.

NatureFootstep said...

I like this flower, but was never able to keep it alive. :(

Rosie Grey said...

How beautiful! Such a great macro!

Mike B. @ said...

I've still got some flowers holding on! Hopefully it will last a while.

Joanne Olivieri said...

This is just exquisite, Maia. I've only seen one before. Your shots capture the sheer essence of these beauties.

Icy BC said...

Beautiful shots of these lily peace, or mauna loa and that's what they called here!

Kelli said...

lovely macro shots. They do look plastic don't they

DoanLegacy said...

Love the deep red color in these wonderful photos!

Quilt Works said...

What a neat photo - I never looked at this flower all this close before. You did it justice! Great job!

Cherry said...

beautiful flower!
thanks for visiting. :)

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

I took some pictures of these same flowers the other day!

Gorgeous shots and macros!

Anonymous said...

I finally got it right Maia, thank your for your help with last weeks entry! (:

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

These get even more popular coming up to Christmas especially the red ones. They have such long lasting flowers too. They really hate getting chills and their leaves go brown so if you buy one keep it covered when leaving the shop and don't leave it in the car for any length of time especially on cold days. Your photos are lovely Maia.

Madde said...

Stopping by for the first time :-)
Lovely pics

Have a nice evening

SquirrelQueen said...

I have always liked the Anthurium Lily but have never tried to grow one. Your macros are beautiful Maia.

Madde said...

Thank you so much!
I feel really welcomed :-)

Evelyn S. said...

Thank you for providing this beautiful challenge each week! Your flower photographs are so lovely....truly inspirational.

Nathalie said...

Such a nice bright red color!

I agree, they give the impression that they're fake because of the texture and the shape.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for an intresting challenge!

Beautiful pictures, I especially like the second one.

Ebie said...

One thing I love about this flower is their heart shape. Your photos are so vivid!

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