Martisor-spring symbol on the 1st of March

March 1 marks the first day of meteorological spring for the Northern Hemisphere, meaning that the coldest three months are now behind us and signs of spring should start to show up.
It's still chilly outside and the snow is still here just like yesterday but two things are different:
The sun came out at noon to let us remember how spring feels like and the second: the flower prices hit the sky.
Why? Well, we have this beautiful and sometimes costly custom called Martisor.
Martisor is a spring symbol in the form of an amulet, any kind of figurine, mostly handmade, with a white-red string attached to it. The string is a must.
Martisor-Spring symbol
They are sold everywhere, is shops and streets.
Craftsmen selling Martisor
Accompanied by beautiful spring flowers, the Martisor is given as a sign of appreciation to women by friends, colleagues, children (even husband), on the 1st of March.
Hyacinth, as a symbol of rebirth, is one of the flowers of the day.
Pink hyacinth flower-closeup
White Hyacinth-Hyacinthus orientalis


Míriam Luiza said...

Que lindas flores!

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

This is an interesting and nice custom. The Hyacinth look very exotic to me and their scent is strong and delicious.

CameraCruise said...

What a great custom!
Beautiful Hyacinths.
Thanks for sharing.
Wish you a beautiful weekend.
Greetings Mette

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