White magnolias in Botanical garden

Hello dear friends!

I hope you all have had a peaceful Easter and enjoyed precious time with your family and friends.

Many thanks for your lovely comments and apologies for my late answer.
I've spent the last couple of weeks being hospitalized, going from one hospital to another, all in vain.
I don't feel better but, thanks God, not much worse either, so as soon as I was out of there, I've visited our Botanical garden. White magnolia trees are at the end of their flowering season but not the pink ones.
White magnolia blossom-closeup
White flowering magnolia trees
Saucer magnolias are covered with beautiful pink buds and the Japanese magnolias will follow them a little later.
Saucer magnolia bud

Cherry blossoms in the rain-cherry blossom photos

Everyone appreciates a little spring sunshine between rain showers.
Look at this little fallow here, it doesn't mind getting its feet wet, when it comes to cherry blossoms.
These blossoms are smiling too, it seams I'm the only one who doesn't like rain.
Bee on cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms in the rain
White cherry blossom tree branch

Cherry plum blooming-Purple leaf plum trees

Young Cherry plum trees are blooming in the park.

Cherry plum (Prunus cerasifera) is a popular ornamental tree used for garden and landscaping.
Also known as Purple leaf plum , it is one of the first European trees to flower in spring having pink or white blooms and interesting, coppery-purple foliage. The small flowers have a delightful scent.
Cherry plum blossom-macro photo
Cherry plum trees bear small cherry-like, edible fruits, hence their name.
Flowering Cherry plum tree twig
Cherry plum flower-close-up-Prunus cerasifera