Campanula patula-spreading bellflower picture

This delicate, purplish blue wildflower is the Campanula patula or spreading bellflower. It is a biennial plant occurring in meadows and pastures throughout much of Europe and parts of Asia.

Campanula patula can be 50-60 cm high bearing very thin lateral branches with upright, funnel shaped flowers at their end.

Unlike other bellflowers, spreading bellflower has more separate, spread out and pointed petals. That's where its name comes from.
Spreading bellflower-Campanula patula macroThe leaves are narrow and pointed, blended in the surrounding vegetation.
In some areas, this species of bellflower is considered endangered, it is not easy to find this plant in the wild.
It is even harder to take a photo of it, as its very thin branches are carried by the slightest breeze.


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