Lilac trees and shrubs in flower-Syringa vulgaris

The most inspiring flower in May is the lilac - Syringa vulgaris, the flower of love.
They are one of my favorite spring flowers and I can't imagine a garden without lilacs.
These small, flowering trees or shrubs fill the air and the yard with their pleasant fragrance in late spring and early summer.
In all times lilacs inspired the imagination of artist, poets and song writers, in their endeavor to depict the essence of spring and romance.
Pale purple-lavender lilac flowers
Their large panicles of flowers in all shades of purple, white, dark burgundy, pale yellow, pink and lilac of course, are springtime delight. These, in the pictures are common lilacs.
The next one is a wild lilac with pale pink flowers.
Wild lilac bush with pink flowers
According to the language of flowers (floriography) the meaning of purple lilac is first emotion of love and white lilacs symbolize youthful innocence, memories.

Here are two lilac branches, one with a lovely, dark burgundy flower, the other with white lilac flowers.
Burgundy lilac flower close-up
White lilac flowers


SquirrelQueen said...

Lilacs have got to be one of the best of the spring flowers, that amazing scent on a warm breeze is heaven. Beautiful blooms Maia.

Anonymous said...

I purchased 3 lilac plants at the beginning of the season. They were in bloom and smelled delicious but were short-lived. I so hope they survive the winter. Yours are so luscious, I can smell them through the computer - LOL!

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