Charming hollyhock flowers-pictures

Hollyhocks, the most beautiful flowers of all mellows (Malvaceae) are blooming. These humble old garden favorites stand tall an proud in wind and rain, producing delicate, sophisticated flowers directly on their hairy stems.

Hollyhocks (Alcea rosea) are charming accent plants with a majestic look, given by the heights of their stem and the great variety of warm flower colors; all shades of reds and pinks, purples and whites.
Dark pink hollyhock-close-up
They are a beautiful addition to any garden, also planted in groups, along fences or border backgrounds, with a long flowering period that lasts till autumn.
Red Hollyhock close-up-macro photo
People admire them from old times, not just for their decorative aspect, but also for being totally maintenance-free.
Unlike her other beautiful sisters, like hibiscus, hollyhocks grow in all soil conditions, on roadsides, even in wasteland and, reaching an amazing height of 2-2.5 m.
Tall pink hollyhock with bee
Hollyhock flowers are used medicinally for chest complaints, having emollient and diuretic properties, with similar action to Marshmallows.
The flowers can also be used for coloring purposes.


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