Golden poppy pictures-California poppy

Golden poppy or California poppy (Eschscholzia californica), is native to western North America but found in many parts of the world.
In its native areas it blooms starting from early spring but by us in east Europe it just started to bloom at end May.
Its showy, golden-orange flowers and bluish-green, finely divided leaves are much appreciated in gardens.
Golden poppies open their petals in the morning and close them in the evening or on cloudy days.Golden poppy-macro photo-California poppy
For its sedative properties, California poppy is used for medicinal purposes in different forms: as diffusion, tincture and powder for treating insomnia, anxiety and nervous tension. Its sedative properties are more gentle as that of its sister, the red poppy.
California poppies-golden poppies
Copa de oro (on its other name), this lovely drought-tolerant plant grows best in full sun.
It is easy to grow in gardens; it needs poor, sandy soil and it is self-seeding.
As its name shows, California poppy is the official state flower of California.

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This poppies are so sweet! :) LG Tina

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