Variegated Yellow Archangel photos-Lamiastrum argentatum

Variegated Yellow Archangel-Lamiastrum argentatum is a very hardy wildflower, distributed all over temperate regions.
Variegated False Lamium, on one of its many names, its a perfect copy of the Yellow Archangel, except its leaves.
It spreads easily and grows in any soil and light conditions, from full sun to full shade. For this reason is often used as ground cover under trees and in places where nothing else grows.
It is also a popular ornamental in borders and hanging baskets where it is easier to control its invasive nature.
Variegated Yellow Archangel-Lamiastrum close-up
It flowers from April to June. The flowers are soft yellow, similar to yellow dead nettle, growing in circular clusters around the stem between leaves.
Its oval shaped leaves are toothed and hairy, with silvery-grey patches.
Variegated Yellow Archangel
For many gardeners this plant is a nuisance, it is very persistent when it escapes and competes with other garden plants.
Variegated Yellow Archangel-Lamiastrum argentatum


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