Wild strawberries-Fragaria vesca flowers-fruits pictures

We have a few wild strawberries or woodland strawberries - Fragaria vesca, in the backyard.
At the beginning of May I took these photos of the flowering plant and now, after three weeks, the tasty wild strawberries are ripe. The fruits have a strong flavor, but these here will not be picked, we just admire them.
They don't produce runners but they self seed, we hope to have more of them in a few years.

Woodland Strawberry or European Strawberry was widely cultivated until it was replaced by the garden strawberry in the 18th century.
Wild strawberry flower closeup-Fragaria vesca
Wild strawberry grows along trails and roadsides, woodland edges and clearings in full sun or part shade. It is still collected and grown for domestic use.
Wild strawberry plant-flowering alpine strawberry-Fragaria vesca
The cultivated variety is the alpine strawberry, with a longer flowering period and larger fruit as the common wild strawberry.
Wild strawberries-fruits
Plants without runners are often used as border plants and those with runners can form a beautiful ground cover.
Wild strawberries-ground cover


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Lovely strawberries, wish I could feel its texture:)

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