Billiard Spirea shrubs-Spiraea x billiardii flowering

Another summer flowering shrub is the Spiraea x billiardi or Billiard Spirea.
We have hedges of this hardy deciduous shrub everywhere on the streets, near the sidewalk but I never paid attention to its flowers till now.

The tiny flowers are beautiful, pink-purple colored, on 10-20cm (4-8 in) cone shaped panicles. With their long stamens the flower stems looks like bottle washer brushes but on a closer look they are really beautiful.
Spiraea x billiardii 'Triumphans'-Billiard Spirea picture
Billiard Spireas flower from June to August doing well in full sun or part shade exposure.
These summer blooming shrubs grow to a height 1.5 m - 2 m with the same spread and they are decorative kitchen garden plants or flowering hedges, when planted in groups.
Spiraea x billiardii- pink flowering shrub
Spiraea x billiardii 'Triumphans' is a hybrid between Spiraea douglasii and Spiraea salicifolia.


Karin M. said...

....super gelungene Aufnahmen...
LG: Karin

Linda said...

These are so delicate and pretty!! The color is beautiful....

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