Erigeron strigosus-Daisy Fleabane-pictures

Daisy Fleabane - Erigeron strigosus is an upright annual or biennial plant in the Aster family (Asteraceae).
It has a worldwide distribution in temperate regions, growing on roadsides, meadows, disturbed areas but in flower gardens as well.

Daisy Fleabane has narrow, ovate leaves, sometimes with a few coarse teeth toward their outer tips.
Daisy Fleabane-Erigeron strigosus close-up
The tinny, about 1cm across, flowers are produced in cluster, on side stems, from June to early autumn. Very narrow, white petals (ray florets) are surrounding the yellow center of the flower (disk florets}.

Being a self-seeding annual, Daisy Fleabane is often seen forming small colonies.
Erigeron daisy field


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

We have this daisy growing in a very hot awkward spot, nothing else seems to manage in that location while it thrives.

Karin M. said...

Wunderschön sieht deine Blumenwiese zarte und feine Blümchen...
LG: Karin

Jama said...

I've only seen the purple Aster here not the white ones , they are so pretty.

Tina´s PicStory said...

I like this tiny flowers :) Thanks for sharing with WEF. Have a nice weekend!

Nadege, said...

Quite a pretty display. Love the photos.

SquirrelQueen said...

There is a lot of beauty packed into that tiny little flower. Great photos Maia.

Pia said...

What a wonderful macro photo! And I like the flower field. Its beautiful!

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