Giant Hydrangea-Hortensia pictures

Welcome to Macro Flowers Saturday #66!

I can't wait to see your beautiful flowers.
I have something unusual for you today: giant hydrangeas.

Hydrangea to some, Hortensia to others, they have different meanings in different parts of the world.
Whether delicate pink or striking neon blue, they can all be a breathtaking summer display.

To some it is a symbol of ego and vanity, to others a symbol of repayment for understanding.
Pink hydrangea close up-Hortensia
Pink hydrangeas generally mean, "You are the beat of my heart".
"The light delicate blush of the petals reminds me of a beating heart, while the size could only match the heart of the sender!"
~ Tan Jun Yong -Asian florist
If that is so than I have a very big heart today, like these giant hydrangea flowers.
Giant hydrangea flower head-close up
These hydrangeas have a huge flower head, about twice the size of a human head, not to mention that they are just young plants. They have them at the garden center but there was no reference to the species. I've never seen anything like this in "real life", have you?

Here is a slightly different shade with some purple in the middle of the tiny flowers.
Giant pink hydrangea flower head-close up
At the bottom-left corner of the next picture there are some young, normal hydrangea plants, for comparison.
Giant Hortensia plant
Click to see more hydrangea photos.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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Sivinden said...

I've never seen such huge hydrangeas before - they're beautiful!

Nayana said... unusual , never saw before. color is so pretty!linking up. thanks for hosting.

Anna said...

These are truly amazing!!! I've never seen them before - they're impressive! Thanks so much for hosting.

Kim, USA said...

This is my first time I have seen a giant hydrangea and this plant is still young WOW!! Can't imagine next year it would be fun to see ^_^

Tina´s PicStory said...

Beautiful flowers! LG Tina

Linda said...

Never before have I seen such huge hydrangeas!!!! Glorious!!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

They are so beautiful, I love the pink one. Mine is blue, and now the hedge is barrren.

SquirrelQueen said...

Awesome! I have never seen one that big before, mine are all normal size. I love the pink color too.

Jama said...

That's one huge bunch of hydrangeas!

Sara Chapman said...

That IS remarkable. No, I have not seen anything like it. Truthfully, it almost seems too much. Can't really make a bouquet with that huge bloom! Thanks for the info about pink hydrangeas.

Anonymous said...

These are unbelievalbe! Never heard of them before.

Eden said...

Those are so pretty. My first time to see giant hydrangea. Lovely macro shots.

Roan said...

Those pink hydrangeas are gorgeous!

Ruth said...

Those mopheads are beautiful!!!! I been wanting to have one in my garden.

Karin M. said...

Sehr schöne pinkfarbene Hortensien...
LG: Karin

Joop Zand said...

Fantastische aufnahme Karin,
meine komplimenten !!

Liebe grüsse, Joop

Lui said...

Maia, that is one gorgeous bloom! Love it! You really get the most gorgeous of the lot!

Karin M. said...

Danke für deine Reaktion auf meinem Blog...das war sehr nett....
LG: Karin

Maia T said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments.

Karin, you are welcome, I always return comments, except those containing links.

Shanda said...

New follower and linking up. Great photos

Míriam Luiza said...

Uau! Que coisa linda! Nunca vi uma hortência deste tamanho! E que cor deslumbrante! Amei!

Rosie Gan said...

Oh maia! You know how I love hydrangeas, and your photos are making me fall in love all over again!

Shanda said...

Maria, thank you for fixing my link!

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