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"You again, with you camera! Can't you see I'm busy?
Bumblebee on white clover
Of course, this is the White clover! You, simple humans call it a weed, you don't even know where your honey comes from.

Let me tell you, clover is one of the favorite flowers of long-tongued bees. It makes a delicious honey, just ask the honeybees.

White Clover has a high ecological value to wildlife and not only; large hoofed animals, like cattle, horses and sheep also graze on the foliage of clovers.

Don't waste your time, you will not find any four-leaf clover in this lawn, I checked.
Do what you have to do and let me collect this pollen here, to feed my babies. These white clover flowers will turn brown and will be replaced by seedpods soon."

White clover flower-close up
Sorry for the hustle bumblebee, wildflowers are my newest attraction.

Well dear readers, you've already learned the most important things about the White clover from the bumblebee but let me add a few words too:

The White clover-Trifolium repens has a blooming period of several months, from late spring through the fall. The flowers are produced in ball-shaped clusters on flowering stalks that are a little taller than the foliage. The inflorescence is composed of 40 to 100 tinny, pea-shaped, white to pink flowers.
White clover-Trifolium repens flower and leaves
The compound leaves are composed of three oval leaflets with finely serrated margins. Generally but not always, a characteristic, white marking, with the form of an upside down V, is to be seen across the upper surface of each leaflet.

White clover lawn-Trifolium repensWhite clover reproduces by its creeping stems (stolons) rooting at the nodes and by self-seeding as well.
It is able to grow and provide green ground cover in poorer soils. For its ability to fix nitrogen and out compete lawn weeds, white clover is considered to be a beneficial component of natural or organic lawn.

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Linda said...

These are beautiful!! I really love the bee!!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Beautifully done. The colours are wonderful and your macros so clear.

Karin M. said...

Das sind fantastische Macros...der Klee ist traumhaft schön auf deinen Aufnahmen...
LG: Karin

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