Chrysanthemum galore-Macro Flowers Saturday

Hi everyone and welcome to Macro Flowers Saturday!

First of all, before I forget, I want to let you know that starting next week I'll post 1 hour earlier, as summer daylight saving is over this weekend. It will still be the same GMT/UTC, but 1 hour earlier for me.

A week before 1 November, the Chrysanthemum parade begins.

All Saints Day and All Souls Day have long been holidays in which people go to cemeteries with candles and flowers, in many countries with a Roman Catholic heritage.

On the 1st and 2nd of November it is All Saints day and All Souls day.
There are not many people knowing what is the religious meaning of these days but quite sure, everybody in Europe celebrates the Day of the Dead on 1 Nov.
On this day we go to the graves of dead relatives with candles and flowers and say prayers over the dead.
Chrysanthemums are a must on this day and the vendors raise the prices to the maximum, though nobody complains. They are gorgeous flowers.
Golden-yellow Chrysanthemums-closeup
The candle lights, the graves covered in a see of chrysanthemums and pine branches are a spectacular view.
What I like most is that it is a sober celebration, no parties, drinking or feasting in the cemetery, in our parts.

This is my favorite date of the year, the only celebration left these days that speaks about respect, kindness and remembrance. Somehow this day brings out those deeply hidden, noble human feeling, the way no other holiday can, not even Christmas.
Pink Chrysanthemums-closeup
I often observed and witnessed how human behavior changes as soon as people enter the cemetery.
The same person who was pushing others to advance faster in the sea of people in front of the cemetery, is no longer grumpy once in, he even becomes polite and helpful.

What is your opinion and experience about holidays that influence, in a good way, human behavior and emotions?
Orange Chrysanthemums-closeup
Have a great weekend!

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Cabbage flower-ornamental flowering kale photos

Cabbage flower and Ornamental Kale (Brassica oleracea) are colorful and somewhat unusual plants in the late autumn landscape. These plants love cool weather and after the late autumn frost bites them, their center leaves begin to change color.

Many varieties of Flowering Cabbage are available at this period of the year, with green outer leaves and white, pink or purple centers. They are not flowers but beautifully colored leaves.

Ornamental Kale plants have fringed leaf margins being even more beautiful than these flowering cabbages in the picture. Some cultivars have a dainty look with feathery leaves.
Ornamental Cabbage-Brassica oleracea closeup
Cabbage flower purple center-Brassica oleracea
Ornamental abbage-Flowering Kale-Brassica oleracea
Ornamental cabbage and flowering kale are beautiful and interesting additions to any flower bouquet, during the cold season.
Like other plants in the Brassica family, these flowering cabbages and kale plants are edible as well, though not so tasty as the well known vegetables.

Roses and blue sky-Macro Flowers Saturday 77

Hi everyone and welcome!

There still are some beautiful roses left, even now, so late in autumn.
I've found these rose bushes the other day on a sunny spot, being protected by a tall building, so the light frost we had till now didn't affect them.These rose bushes are about 2.5m tall, so this time, I could take these shots with the sky in the background without laying down in the dirt.

You may find boring to see so many roses but I just had to post them.

Pink rose and blue sky-closeup

Pink rose on green background-closeup

Red roses and blue sky

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Beautiful pink chrysanthemum flowers-photos

Chrysanthemum is the November birth flower and is believed to bring happiness and laughter to the home.

Mums are my favorite fall flowers, the last splash of color, in late October.
They are one of the most popular flowers, next only to roses.Most chrysanthemums are in full bloom now and others will open in the next few days, just in time for The Day of Dead on November 1.
In most European countries people bring flowers, mostly chrysanthemums, to the graves of deceased relatives, on this day.

Pink chrysanthemum flowers

Pink chrysanthemum-macro

Beautiful chrysanthemums

Rudbeckia Triloba-Brown-eyed Susan-Macro Flowers Saturday

Hi everyone, and welcome to another round of Macro Flowers Saturday!

It is cold and windy outside but we can't complain; the sun comes out once in a while and we still have some flowers blooming in our gardens.

Browneyed Susan-Rudbeckia triloba- also called Thin-leaved Coneflower is one of these late blooming flower. It is the little sister of Black-eyed Susan-Rudbeckia hirta, with smaller, but still lovely blooms.
Rudbeckia triloba-Brown-eyed Susan
Browneyed Susan-Thin-leaved Coneflower
Have a beautiful weekend!

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Shasta daisy-Leucanthemum x superbum

These are the last two Shasta daisies left in the garden. These classic, white daisies are one of my favorite garden flowers but now they say goodbye till next summer.
White daisies in autumn
Shasta daisy closeup-Leucanthemum x superbum

Roses for Libra-Macro Flowers Saturday

Hi everyone!

Happy Birthday Libra natives and Happy Birthday to me!

I know, I know, they are difficult people but Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of beauty and love.
That must count for something!

I wish you all the happiness in the world, may all your dreams come true!

Of course, the roses are for all of you, participating or just visiting Macro Flowers Saturday!

Usually, all your flowers are perfect birthday flowers, so let's see what you come up with this week!
Beautiful red rose-close-up
Red rose bush
Pink rosebud
Orange-pink rose head
White rose close-up
Have a beautiful weekend!

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Colorful Gazania flowers and Floss Flower

Gazanias and Floss flowers are still flowering.
We had a sunny, warm October till now but that will change soon. Heavy rain and storms are announced starting from tomorrow, so I took advantage of today's "golden hour" to capture these last flowers.
Light yellow Gazania and floss flowerGazania on fire, in the late afternoon sun.
Orange gazania close-up