Cabbage flower-ornamental flowering kale photos

Cabbage flower and Ornamental Kale (Brassica oleracea) are colorful and somewhat unusual plants in the late autumn landscape. These plants love cool weather and after the late autumn frost bites them, their center leaves begin to change color.

Many varieties of Flowering Cabbage are available at this period of the year, with green outer leaves and white, pink or purple centers. They are not flowers but beautifully colored leaves.

Ornamental Kale plants have fringed leaf margins being even more beautiful than these flowering cabbages in the picture. Some cultivars have a dainty look with feathery leaves.
Ornamental Cabbage-Brassica oleracea closeup
Cabbage flower purple center-Brassica oleracea
Ornamental abbage-Flowering Kale-Brassica oleracea
Ornamental cabbage and flowering kale are beautiful and interesting additions to any flower bouquet, during the cold season.
Like other plants in the Brassica family, these flowering cabbages and kale plants are edible as well, though not so tasty as the well known vegetables.


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this is quite unique for me. it's beautiful!

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They are beautiful aren't they.

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These are very beautiful!

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