Belated Happy Thanksgiving-Macro Flowers Saturday 82

Hi everyone and welcome!

I would like to wish all my American friends a belated Happy Thanksgiving. For Canadians its a double belated though.
I hope that you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends.

I don't have Thanksgiving turkey for you as we don't celebrate Thanksgiving but I offer you these roses instead.
I know, that's not much, so I have some sweets for you too.

Yellow rose - macro
Pale yellow Brose
Now, these cake slices are for all of you. I usually don't share my sweets but now it's different.
Two slices of cake with chocolate and walnut
Have a great weekend my friends and share you lovely flowers with us.

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Big White Chrysanthemums-Macro Flowers Saturday 81

Hi everyone and welcome!

Many thanks to all of you for your amazing contributions and for the opportunity to see and learn about so many different, new flowers from different parts of the world.

Our flowers are long gone, so I'll share some white chrysanthemums from this autumn.
Big white chrysanthemum flowers
Bunch of white chrysanthemums.

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Fading roses-Macro Flowers Saturday

Hi everyone! Glad to have you for another flower sharing this weekend.

These are the last roses I photographed this autumn. They are washed out a bit but still roses.
Last roses this autumn
pink autumn roses
Let's see what's flowering or fading in your world!
Have a beautiful weekend!

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Blue berries of Oregon grape-Berberis Repens

Creeping Oregon grape or Creeping Mahonia (Mahonia Repens) produces showy blue berries in autumn.
Creeping barberry is an attractive evergreen bush, very appreciated in landscaping.
In spring Creeping Mahonia produces bright yellow flowers and matte blue berries in autumn. Its shiny, dark green, waxy leaves turn a warm bronze in winter.
Blue berries of Creeping Oregon Grape
Berberis repens-Mahonia berries

Brugmansia flowers-Macro Flowers Saturday 79

Welcome to Macro Flowers Saturday!

I hope you all had an interesting Halloween and a beautiful all Saint's Day, this past week.

There are a few more weeks left till the winter holidays and soon we can start decorating our blog for the holiday season.
If you are interested, check out my tutorial about decorating your blog; you can even find a button there, that does all the decoration by itself.

Till than, these are the last Brugmansia flowers photographed this autumn in the church yard.
Brugmansia flowers
Brugmansia flower-closeup
See also its close relative, the Datura. Both are also known as Angel's trumpets.

Some tradition and customs are essentially the same around the world but some differ from nation to nation.
I thought it would be interesting to share some decorating ideas and also some traditional or personal recipes, in the time left till the holidays.

I welcome all of you to be a quest publisher on my main blog with articles about the above mentioned subjects.

How it works:
You write your post about your chosen subject, table decorations, gifts, craft, greeting cards and you provide some amazing pictures too (they can be from your archive as well) and send me a draft to check it out. Christmas cookie recipes, your favorite food and drink recipes, whatever you find suitable for the holidays and want to share it, are all welcome.
It will be published as a quest post on the weekend chosen by you, on my main blog.

What's in it for me?
I've heard that, it's a fair question, so here is the answer:

You will get:
  1. a fair review of your blog;
  2. more traffic to your blog;
  3. a direct link to your blog;
  4. you may gain some extra friends.
It's not much but still something and after all it's about interacting in holiday spirit.

I'm open to any suggestions and questions. We can start out right next weekend (Saturday or even Friday afternoon) if someone is willing to brake the ice.

Are you in?
Click this envelope to the right to announce your participation!
Note: you may not publish this article elsewhere in the same form, for not to be considered as duplicate content.

A beautiful weekend to you all!

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Pansies in November-pansy photos

These lovely pansies are still flowering, even now in November. They enjoy the chilly mornings and the cloudless November sky on glorious warm afternoons.
Orange pansies-closeup
White pansies
Yellow pansy-macro
See how pansies can thrive even under a snow blanket.