Orange primroses-scented Primula Hortensis pictures

Primroses are among the first perennials to bloom in spring.
This orange primrose is the Primula hortensis, one of the 10 gorgeous primula cultivars I bought last year for my balcony. They kept blooming all year long, even in late autumn. The yellow and orange ones had a fabulous perfume.

I was not sure if these cultivars are perennials or annuals but I thought they should rest for awhile.
After I divided the large clumps in autumn, I gifted the split plants to my cousin and left mine on the porch for winter.
Orange primrose macro-Primula hortensis
At the end of January the weather turned very cold, so I took the containers indoors and guess what: my primroses are blooming again in mid February.
They already have produced new green leaves and many, many flowers and buds in just about 10 days.
They will be in full bloom before springtime.
Orange primroses-scented Primula hortensis
I still have a problem; they are all pink. I think, I gifted all these orange and yellow, scented primroses.

I love these flower, they are so rewarding with almost no care .
They develop big clumps of flowers even when growing in the wild.


Giga said...

Też je bardzo lubię, a Ty im zrobiłaś śliczne zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam.*** I really like them too, and you've done them yet beautiful pictures. Yours.

Unknown said...

this flower is absolutely beautiful. the color is a delight.

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