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As many of you know already, Macro Flowers Saturday listing is closed, for now. We all need some space.
That doesn't mean I don't miss you on weekends. Therefor, I would like to present you a new alternative to MFS sharing: be a quest author!

This idea is yet very new, more details will follow but in a nutshell:

Topics for guest posts

I am looking for good-quality but simple, pleasant reading that fits the theme of this blog. Anything in the following subjects would be welcome:
  • flower care
  • your own gardening tips and ideas
  • gardening tools
  • garden design
  • photography tutorials
  • garden decor
  • you come up with some great ideas!

What’s in it for you?

  • You get a blog review with reference to your blog
  • Drive traffic to your website or blog and gain new audience.
  • Get more traffic to your blog
  • Increase your online presence.
  • Get some really dofollow backlinks to your blog

Main Guidelines

  • Your article must be original and exclusive for MFS.
  • Article must be written in English, as this blog's language.
  • Please attach some beautiful, small size pictures (2 max), relevant to the topic.
  • Post must be ~ 700 characters or more.
This is not the final version but if you already have a post that you think it's appropriate, please contact me through my contact form (from the menu) for further details.

A great weekend to you all!


Lui said...

Hey that's a neat idea, Maia!
I will try to think of one to send you since I am not really good in gardening.

But I'm here really just to tell you that I miss MacroFlowers and YOU! And to tell you that I am just an email away!

Sweepy sends his drooly love ;-)

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