Geranium molle-Dove's foot Cranesbill photos

Geranium molle is one of numerous members of the genus Geranium, a hardy geranium native to Europe and naturalized in southwestern and central Asia,in North Africa and also in North America

Geranium molle, also known as Dovesfoot Geranium, is a small, common weed, on average 5–30 centimeters (2.0–12 in) tall.
Dovesfoot Geranium grows on disturbed soils, on open areas, dry meadows, lawns and gardens and forms a groundcover among grasses.

Geranium molle flower macro-Dove's foot Cranesbill
Geranium molle leaves
Geranium molle blooms from April to September producing small (8-12 mm), pinkish-purple flowers.
The flowers have 5 petals divided into 2 lobes and they come in pairs at the end of the flower stem.

The leaves are palmate, rounded and hairy.

Geranium molle - Dovesfoot Cranesbill

Another pretty hardy geranium, often used as groundcover, is the Cranesbill geranium-Geranium macrorrhizum.


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