Forget-me-not ground cover-Myosotis sylvatica

Wood Forget-me-not (Myosotis sylvatica), this delicate, tiny and humble wildflower, spread over a large area, is an unforgettable sight.

Do you have a shady, part shady, wet spot in your garden where not much grows? A woodland garden, bog garden or ponds maybe, where you don't have much time to invest in plant care?
If yes, the Wood Forget-me-not is happy to enchant you with a sky-blue ground cover, growing on its own, without ever asking anything in exchange.
Wood Forget-me-not closeup - Myosotis sylvatica

" There is a sweet, a lovely flower,
Tinged deep with faith’s unchanging hue,
Pure as the ether in its hour
Of loveliest and serenest blue.

The streamlet’s gentle side it seeks,
The silent fount, the shaded grot;
And sweetly to the heart it speaks
Forget-me-not, forget-me-not."

This little poem says it all. I was not able to find out the author's name to thank for the worlds.

Look at this picture, aren't they beautiful?
Forget-me-not groundcover
There is though one thing you can't do with this flower: you can't forget a Forget-me-not!
There are many species of forget-me-not, check out some of them.


Unknown said...

Incredibly beautiful, bright blue as far as you can see.
Forget-me we call the flower here in Norway.

Hug Marit of Norway

Lillianna said...

Very beautiful!


Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures!! This is one of my favorite flower!! So beautiful.....and i love the name of it!! :))
Have a nice day:))
Greetings from Norway:)

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