Pulsatilla vulgaris - Easter flower photos - growth

Pulsatilla vulgaris is one of the earliest blooming flower blooming in spring.
lavender pulsatilla flowers
Pulsatilla flowers

Also known as Pasque flower, this beauty is a low-growing, 15–30 cm high perennial, native to Eurasia.

Another common name for Pasque flower is Easter flower, originating form the time of year that the plant blooms.
Its blooms precede most of the foliage in spring and they are of legendary beauty. The entire plant, leaves, the short flower stems and flowers are covered with silky hairs that gives the plant an appearance of haze from the distance.
Pulsatilla seeds
Pulsatilla seeds

The most common flower color is lavender with a bright yellow center.
Different species have different colors. Pulsatilla vulgaris rubra has dark red flower, while Pulsatilla vulgaris alba is white.

 Silky, fluffy seed-heads follow the flowers which can persist on the plant for many months.

Light and soil requirements for Pasque Flower:

Pulsatilla prefers full sun to part shade and well-drained, sandy or humusy soil.

Suggested locations for planting:
With its need for good drainage and clumping growth habit, Pulsatilla vulgaris is the perfect plant for rock gardens, gravel gardens and they are lovely container plants as well.


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